Pastor & Evangelist

A native of Nigeria, West Africa, Dr. George Utuk was born to christian parents and attended mission schools through high school.


Dr. Utuk accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal Savior on his way to church in 1967.  A few years later, he answered God’s call to a full time christian ministry.  In 1972, he resigned his job with the government and started preaching as an Evangelist under the Christian Fellowship in Nigeria.


A year after receiving the call to the christian ministry, Dr. Utuk traveled to the United Kingdom where he studied for three years and received a diploma in Theology from South Wales Bible College.  In 1977, he came to the United States where, a year later, he received a BA in Religion and Philosophy from Southwestern College, Kansas.  Dr. Utuk received an MA in Political Science from Wichita State University, Kansas, in 1981 and a PhD in Political Science from Atlanta University in 1988.  He was teaching until June 1990 when he resigned his teaching job and founded The Word of Faith Ministries, in answer to God’s dealings with him.


Dr. Utuk started ministering as soon as he became a christian.  While in high school, he formed The Lilies in the Valley – a group which reached out to the unsaved in the campus.  He also had invitations to other high schools where he led students to the Lord through his testimony.  Many who came to the Lord through this ministry are now in one kind of full time ministry or another.  He co-founded The Christian Fellowship of Nigeria which enabled the discipling of new converts.  The Fellowship has since been incorporated into Churches.

Dr. Utuk ministered extensively both in churches and conferences while in the United Kingdom and continued to be active in God’s work while here in the United States.  He taught the International Students Sunday School in First Baptist Church, Atlanta.  He was President of the African Christian Fellowship in the United States-Atlanta Chapter, from 1985-1988.  He has taught and continues to teach Bible Studies, and conducts revivals here in the United States.

He is the founder and Executive Director of The Word of Faith Ministries, Inc. and the Pastor of Abundant Life Word Fellowship.  In addition to ministering in the United Kingdom, Nigeria and Unites States, Dr. Utuk has been to Brazil, Israel and Jamaica for ministry purposes.

Dr. Utuk is a naturalized citizen of the United States and resides in Putnam County, Georgia with his wife, Enobong Utuk, and his daughter Ib Utuk.


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